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November 25 ,2021

2022 BMW X5 or Range Rover Sport

2022 BMW X5 or Range Rover Sport

If you are looking to buy a high-performance luxury SUV, opting for the 2022 BMW X5 would be a great idea. Despite having a lot of similarities between the 2022 Range Rover Sport, the 2022 BMW X5 stands out for its ability to command attention.

Its extremely comfortable and luxurious interior makes the new BMW X5 delight for passengers and drivers. Want to know what makes this luxury SUV stand out from the competition?

Here is a comparison between the 2022 BMW X5 and the 2022 Range Rover Sport. The info shared in this article will help you make the right decision in your next high-performance luxury SUV purchase.

Security and Safety

Some security and safety features for both luxury SUVs;

Side Knee Airbags

Like a lot of premium vehicles, the BMW X5 has its passengers and driver-side knee airbags installed on the lower part of the dashboard. The side knee airbags help keep the passengers and driver on their seats whenever there is a collision. Hence, preventing them from sliding below the front airbags and protecting their legs from striking the dashboard. This safety feature is not available in the 2022 Range Rover Sport.

Post-Crash iBrake

This feature helps to prevent further injuries by protecting the vehicle, driver, and passengers from secondary collisions. The post-crash iBrake is a technology that automatically applies brake in your vehicle whenever there is a crash.

Blind Spot Warning Technology

One of the things that makes the 2022 BMW X5 stand out from the competition is the use of modern safety and security technology. For instance, the BMW X5 is built with sensors that warn the driver whenever there is an object in the blind spots of the vehicle.  Blind spots are places that cannot be seen through the side mirrors of a vehicle. This technology protects the vehicle and passengers from colliding with an object in the blind spot region. You will need to pay more to install this feature on the Range Rover Sport.

Lock Replacement

Another example of the modern safety and security technology used in the BMW X5 can be found in its locks and keys. You will need the modern equipment and the services of an qualified locksmith company like Columbus Locksmith Pro to opt for a BMW key replacement.


Warranty comparisons between both luxury SUVs;

Corrosion Warranty

The corrosion warranty of the 2022 BMW X5 lasts for 12 years. This sounds better when you realize that the collision warranty of the new Range Rover Sport lasts for only 6 years.

Scheduled Maintenance

BMW dealers took their scheduled maintenance payments to the next level. They pay for the scheduled maintenance on your BMW X5 for 36,000 miles and 3 years. This payment covers lubrication, oil change, and other necessary maintenance expenses. This is quite different from that of the Land Rover dealers that are only valid during the first scheduled maintenance visit.

Bottom Line

While both the 2022 BMW X5 and Range Rover Sport are luxury SUVs, the comparison above highlights what makes the BMW X5 stand out. At Columbus Locksmith Pro, we offer a variety of professional locksmith services like the BMW key replacement, commercial and residential lock replacement, and so on. Give us a call if you need a lock replacement, repair or upgrades.

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